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Imagine Workforce Strategies for Health Care Professionals

Helping Health Care Professionals attain their career goals.

The demand for talented Health Care Professionals is at an all time high. The pandemic has increased burn out and emphasized the problems within Healthcare Organizations.  This is causing many HCP’s to rethink their career choices.  They are struggling to maintain their enjoyment of healing their patients as they are overworked and stressed.  We are seeing a shifts in population from cities to rural and now back again as WFH and RTO happen. My goal is to help HCP’s find the environment that best suit their needs.  Not only who employees them, but where they want to be. As a cancer survivor I owe my life to the great people in healthcare, and opened this business to help them find jobs that fulfill their passion of helping people. 


Health Care Professionals: Welcome

Individual Consulting Services

Curriculum Vitae

Creating a winning resume

Guiding Health Care Professionals in presenting their best work and accomplishments clearly and precisely

Passion Led Us Here

Finding your true passion

Defining goals and what each Health Care Professional is looking for from their employer

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Connecting Health Care Professionals with the Health Care Organizations that best match their career and personal goals.

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